Pandora’s Box

Since the day I started learning engineering , I always felt that there is something missing, something basic. This something is not allowing me to achieve satisfaction of my creative work.  Suddenly I came across one facebook video (rather You Tube on Facebook), which caught my attention. That video was showing how one machine can convert one design of Spanner into real 3D object in one box like machine. That curiosity pushed me to dig more about this new amazing machine. That machine turned out to be 3D printer. I started imagining how would one use this machine. I realized that people like designers, students of architecture and engineering , even students of high school can use this machine to covert their ideas into reality in their classroom/design room. The power of this machine is unimaginable. You can only limit your imagination but not the capability of this machine. That is what made 3D printer more famous in the span of last 4-5 years.

Ultimately I bought this Pandora’s Box and started converting my ideas into reality. The satisfaction of creation is beyond the expression I could put in words here. I wish you could feel , you could experience this with your own eyes and hands.


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