IoT : Make THINGS Alive

IoT technology is helping humans to create eco-system which would be social in nature. Think about human race which was not so social millions of years back. As we started living in tribes, humans started progressing in terms of all aspects of life. This progress is happened just because of sharing of thoughts, ideas and information.

THINGS (devices) in our current environment continuously help us in our day to day activities. These THINGS currently not social , that means those do not interact with each other like we humans do. But in future, these THINGS would communicate with each other fluently, which we call as M2M communication.

Thinking about implementation of IoT technology in our current environment shall enable us to make every dead THING alive. For example, think about STONE telling about its age, Think about a TREE telling you about its problems or think about a river, whose flow gets contaminated at every other corner, starts complaining about the culprits to government authorities (see a complete River monitoring system further).

The idea if making every THING alive is so awesome.

If you are working or going to work in IoT, just think that you are putting soul inside those THINGS for betterment f our eco-system. This thought shall help us to build eco-system which would be more social and interactive.

Following is my thought on using IoT technology to giving life to rivers (I guess rivers give us life by providing us water, this is just we are paying back)

IoT : River Life Line (River Monitoring System)

This is conceptual design of IoT : River Monitoring system called River Life Line. There are two major sections :

  • Floating System : It consists of sensors , floating module, communication mechanism. This part of system shall help in reading health of flowing water in river. As river flows through the different parts of region/state, every city/town shall have this monitoring system fitted inside river bed. Sensors shall read different contamination levels which affects city population (which drinks water from river) and living things inside river. This data shall be communicated to River Monitoring system.
IoT : River Life Line
IoT : River Life Line
  • Central Monitoring System : This is cloud system which shall receive river health data from different parts of river. This system shall consolidate data, analyse t. Based on its analysis, it shall communicate with two systems i.e. Municipal Corporation Office, Water Purification Department of City.

While river flows through different parts of region, different entities like factories, City sewage system contaminates water of river. Floating modules at different locations send river contamination data to Central system. Central system after analysing can send penalty amount to municipal office of particular city based on contamination done by that city or town. This mechanism is of reactive nature.

Central system can also send water contamination data to City’s water purification department. Based on contamination level it can take appropriate action. Level of purification can be improved or reduced based on contamination level.

River Monitoring System eco-system

If you have any suggestions / questions, please do let me know.

Happy Making !!!

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