My First Day@Vigyan Ashram-FAB Lab-DIY Lab

To start my first day of Sabbatical , I have been asked to come to Vigyan Ashram at Pabal, a place 60 KMs away from Pune. Initially I thought of going by our very own ST bus, but then dropped the plan as I got now used to luxury of driving my own car. After 2 hours of driving through hustle and bustle of city , I reach Pabal at 10:30 AM. I entered Fab Lab and started talking to Fab Lab instructors. Since I was already in contact with them so it was comfortable interaction. They welcomed me to their work place. Later I met Director of Vigyan Ashram, who approved to my idea of helping their DIY/FAB Lab efforts to penetrate Maker Movement in Pune. After formal introduction to other members of the team, I had been asked to explain my purpose of joining to Vigyan Ashram to the whole team. I had also given my usual talk on 3D Printing which I usually give to Schools,Colleges. Since the premises was close to nature so I felt comfortable getting started, I felt like I am in my home town.Then we had quick brain storming session on improvising maker movement in Pune, and how I can help the team to attract more and more crowd to these Labs. I also explained about my plan over next six months time. Though it was really on high level, I got task to make a detailed plan in coming few days.

It had been decided to put more and more efforts in branding the workshops , DIY Lab events among young generation.So branding and advertisement plan preparing is next step.

3D Printing is area in which I think I know little bit more than the crowd , so I decided to devote more time during my sabbatical to introduce this technology to young generation. My other immediate task is to schedule upcoming 3D Printing sessions for schools which are affiliated to Vigyan Ashram. There are 160+ schools which run IBT (Introduction to Basic Technology) program for their students of std. 8,9,10. I may along with Fab Lab instructors shall work on plan to introduce 3D Printing in their regular IBT program. So 3D printer in every school is next step of Vigyan Ashram. Most of the schools having IBT course are in rural areas, so you may get surprised to see rural students know more about 3D Printing than any other urban students. Thanks to Vigyan Ashram and their team for thinking ahead.

Next I shall write about my experience of attending one of the regular stakeholder meetings, it was different experience than our usual corporate meetings. I somehow stopped myself writing that experience here as I think it deserve separate blog 🙂

To know more about Vigyan Ashram , refer following link :

Happy Making!!!

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