No weekends !!!

It is almost 2.5 months I started working for Vigyan Ashram as a part of my Sabbatical leave. We at DIY Lab successfully arranged Pune Maker’s meet on 1st Nov. This was an event to start new chapter for Pune Makers. We invited people from different backgrounds like agriculture, Bio-gas, IoT, Electronics , Schools, Origami artists, Designers. We at Vigyan Ashram and Heramb MakerLab want to provide platform for collaboration. We also showcased capabilities of DIY Lab, Kothrud by showcasing different projects developed by Fab Lab team in association with Infosys RoboGear Team.

I also started conducting 3D Printing Workshop last month after purchasing new 3D Printer in DIY Lab. We had 13 attendees from different fields including 3 kids. It was really amazing experience. The joy of interacting with variety of people is so out of this world. One thing I benefited from my Sabbatical with Vigyan Ashram is my sphere of influence has now increased. Day in day out I hear the names of Mr Kakodkar, Dr Mashelkar  ,Medhatai Patkar and what not.I usually hear their names, stories from senior members of Vigyan Ashram as they frequently meet them for things related to education. Our Kaka at DIY lab knows Medha Tai closely, so he usually talk about their struggles.


Only thing I realized from these stories is how simple these people are and how impact-full their life is.Not only these highly influential people but I am also impressed with one gentleman aged over 75, who has passion for learning. He is kind of a person who can help you in any technical difficulties by applying design principles. Only thing you would need is patience to listen to him. Again there is one person in Vigyan Ashram heading one department, but he loves learning like small kid. Though that person is educated in Vigyan Ashram when he was drop out of high school, but by every mean he is educated. I realized how this learning by doing philosophy can change your attitude towards work and can make you truly successful.

We are currently working on training program to help schools, NGOs to set up DIY Lab. Vigyan Ashram has 30+ years of experience in Learning by Doing philosophy, so it is easy for me and our Fab Lab team to learn from their experience and come up with solution which can fit with new schools who like to adopt Maker Culture in schools.

During last couple of months, I realized that I am not able distinguish between days, I mean whether it is Sunday or Monday really does not make any sense to me now, as I feel like I am working 24/7 (ok, there are few exceptions, when I have to take my wife and family on holidays). But truly, I have to find same passion and commitment in whatever task I do in future. Again thanks to my family for allowing me to work on holidays as well.

Since making is at heart of Vigyan Ashram, our director asked DIY Lab Kaka to build Diwali Lantern from old CDs. It was difficult initially to stack the CDs vertically but then we used 3D Printed connectors to attached CDs to each other. We also used solar system to light up Lantern. Though we put Diwali Lantern on tree just outside DIY Lab, but when we came back from Holidays, all CDs were fallen down. Security guard told us it was because of crow sitting on the lantern. We mitigated risk of airy whether during building our lantern but we never realized that birds break the lantern. So our project was untimely a failure. We at Vigyan Ashram welcomes failures. Failures are great teachers.



Few of my makings / learning :

Happy Making!!!

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