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Maker Movement India : Fill in the Blanks

When I got exposed to Maker Movement about a year back, it was realization of existence of my own idea. I always wanted to have such a culture and space(Maker Space) around me to explore wide possibilities of making/innovation. I even thought of having fully equipped workshop for engineering / non-engineering students so they can utilized their after school time by engaging themselves with new ideas. Exposure to maker movement gave me different view point about this concept. Maker media then given me access to different types of projects, which I found very interesting and appealing.

Main entity of Maker Movement is Maker Faire, which gives platform to makers to showcase their projects/skills/talent (which most of the time goes unnoticed). To sustain Making culture, appreciation of making skills is necessary, which I suppose Maker Faire does it fairly. ( Till this time I only seen maker faire on internet, electronic media).

It is not the case that we Indians are not aware of making things, rather we are expert in making things (if we looks at our traditional collections). Though we have good skills like handicraft , hand loom etc , we never explore making culture in technology side. If we wish to explore this area of making , then it is necessary for our generation to set right environment and culture. I believe that Maker Movement can help us in setting up right environment .

There are quite few Maker Spaces popping around India, but we still need to have many more Maker Spaces/ Fab Labs around India, at least one in every medium size town. Arranging small small Maker Faires would attract more and more youngsters to these Maker Spaces.

Apart from setting up this infrastructure and creating right mind set among us, it is great responsibility of our generation to fill in the blanks to sustain Maker Eco-system in India.

Following picture shows Eco-system players in USA. Few of the players can become players in Indian Maker Culture too. But then we have to form a league which would take the roles of these players according to Maker Culture of India.


Fill in the Blanks : Please see if you can find the answers to players which have been strike out or are you ready to take that as an opportunity 🙂

Figure2-The_maker_ecosystem2 - Copy

Reference :

Maker spaces which I am aware of (In Maharashtra) :

I know there must be more maker spaces around, share if you know. Also share if you are aware of Maker Eco system players  in India.

Happy Making!!!

Atul N Yadav



Pandora’s Box

Since the day I started learning engineering , I always felt that there is something missing, something basic. This something is not allowing me to achieve satisfaction of my creative work.  Suddenly I came across one facebook video (rather You Tube on Facebook), which caught my attention. That video was showing how one machine can convert one design of Spanner into real 3D object in one box like machine. That curiosity pushed me to dig more about this new amazing machine. That machine turned out to be 3D printer. I started imagining how would one use this machine. I realized that people like designers, students of architecture and engineering , even students of high school can use this machine to covert their ideas into reality in their classroom/design room. The power of this machine is unimaginable. You can only limit your imagination but not the capability of this machine. That is what made 3D printer more famous in the span of last 4-5 years.

Ultimately I bought this Pandora’s Box and started converting my ideas into reality. The satisfaction of creation is beyond the expression I could put in words here. I wish you could feel , you could experience this with your own eyes and hands.